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Complete Home & Commercial IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Inspection Services 

San Diego Home and Mold Inspection Service no longer offers home inspection services for sale or purchase of real estate.  We are now strictly a certified IAC2 Indoor air quality Consultant company that provides  Mold Inspection, mold testing,sampling, and many other IAQ services. Please click on the MOLD TESTING tab at the top of page links to find out more about our IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) services.

Indoor Air Quality VOC Survey - Mold Inspection & Mold Sampling

San Diego Home and Mold Inspection Service offers an Indoor Air Quality Survey for residential and commercial property real estate to help you find potential hidden issues with a home, including the presence of VOC's (Volitile Organic Compounds) and Formaldehyde and protect your future or current investment, as well as Mold Sampling to include air sampling, direct sampling by swab or tape sample, carpet sampling, bulk sampling, and inner wall air sampling. Contact us today.  Click on the "MOLD TESTING" tab above for more infomation regarding VOC Mold Survey report information.


Mold Inspections

A little water can go a long way toward major damage. Water damage can become a big problem if not properly taken care of immediately. In some cases the homeowner doesn't even realize water is leaking into their basement, their ceilings or even their walls. Construction has become so energy efficient and tight that if water does seep into an area around a deck or if the flashing isn't just right, homeowners are not aware a problem exists.

Water seeps into walls, ceilings, etc. and causes serious structural problems and by the time the homeowner realizes something is wrong it's as a result of a family member becoming sick. The homeowner finds out the family's illness is due to mold. There are numerous documented cases of homes causing serious, permanent illness in both children and adults.

Mold Testing and/or Mold Sampling by a Certified Mold Inspector must be done to reveal how much and what kind of mold exists, and what needs to be done to remedy the situation. Mold Testing and/or Mold Sampling is the first step in addressing a mold problem, as the growth of mold can be hidden, leaving air and other testing the only way to find it.

Our Certified Inspectors at San Diego Home & Mold Inspection Service can assist you with this valuable first step during your Mold Testing Inspection and/or Mold Sampling Inspection by perfoming Mold Testing and/or Mold Sampling by professionals.

We also offer:

What is ERMI?

ERMI is the EPA Relative Moldiness Index – the combination of EPA research,
powerful PCR technology, and a new method to screen homes for mold.

Based on recently published data from EPA researchers and the 2006 HUD
American Healthy Home Survey, the test has been developed as a tool to evaluate
the potential risk of indoor mold growth and associated health effects.

How much does it cost?
Call San Diego Home and Mold Inspection Service at: 619-253-4149 for price for
the ERMI test. The report includes the results for all 36 fungal species and the ERMI
calculation along with a category designation of low, moderate, or high. Report results in 5 business days.

Click here to read more about ERMI Testing

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